Disclaimer about promoting solutions

I offer opinions in the pieces I write and most times they are because I been excited by the prospects of someone learning or someone who is teaching has shown me a wonderful way technology can be integrated into schools.

Many of the things I have written about are shared with my son to gauge interest in the topic. My belief is that if it is something I think my son would benefit from, then it is worth sharing. Of course that isn’t the only yardstick I use in choosing what to write about, but I can say that due to my small circle of influence, I have never been induced to pick a particular topic on the grounds of anything other than strong personal belief that it adds something positive to that mix of things we call education.

So in today’s world of product placement, nefarious backroom deals I can at least say that all that is written here is from the heart and mind… which is probably why I don’t have many blog readers… 🙂