PC – Political Correctness

Sometimes we write things and then think twice about whether there is a group in society who we might be offending, excluding or presenting something as a stereotype or domain of one particular group.

I personally celebrate difference, tolerance and understanding and my friends in Indonesia (and probably other places) have a lovely saying which starts of by apologising for anything that may offend – not because they (or I) want to offend – far from it – but if we do say or do something that unintentionally does that – let me apologise beforehand.

Violence, racism, bullying and anything that contravenes values along the lines of “do unto others” is off limits for me except to call it out if something I write about helps stop it.

Some of the things I write are in fact reflective of being a dad and a husband and being almost sixty… but there again I don’t want to pigeon hole myself or any other dad of the same vintage…

So even though I may self-censor, being 110% politically correct doesn’t always help tell a story in the way it is meant to be told. 

So if I write something that does offend – let me sincerely apologise in advance.