My name is Mark Christie and I set up Learnshifting to capture and tag education related things I discover through web browsing. As a parent with a son in school, many things I see would be useful to other parents and they might like to know about it. Although this blog started some years ago, I let it languish as my focus shifted to other things.

Some of the titles and names of what I do have changed over 25 years, but computer based training/learning, multimedia, eLearning are some of the words used in my job titles over that time. Lecturer, teacher, trainer are other names I have been called over the years, but storyteller is the one that resonates with me.

So this site is my pensieve, my place to store memories and facts that are useful to me, but less terrifying that those harboured in Albus Dumbledore’s mind. I was going to refer to it as my remembrall, but I didn’t like the way it screamed at poor old Neville in Harry Potter.

Hopefully many items in this blog are things you haven’t encountered, therefore they will be new, not something forgotten.

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