Short Multimodal Online Opportunities To Help Interested Educators Succeed = SMOOTHIES.

These are live – but recorded 30 minute informal webinars with wide ranging topics on software you can use in the classroom and also some ideas for using them, focusing on the tools we have ie Microsoft and Adobe. They cover much more than those two vendors’ products and they are topical. As you can see from previous episodes – a wide variety of subjects are covered.

To see what has been covered in the last two years, click on the kneeling man below… Includes PowerPoints, links to resources and videos.

The AI Journal

This work is not my own. I have gathered the content from sources much smarter than me. This content focusses on the opportunities and challenges in our education system. Scroll through this gathering of information that I add to each month. I am genuinely more excited than fearful of what this offers to increase the learning of our students while offloading some of the admin tasks that sometimes reduce the number of “Aha” moments we try to create with our kids.

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