SMOOTHIES 23i2 – Microsoft Education Adobe Podcast and Animate from Audio

In this week’s episode of Smoothies, I covered the new Podcast Tool from Adobe. It’s still in beta but it is fantastic. It allows you to record a podcast or an audio file in any environment. Through AI it cleans up any background noise and allows you to edit using text because it actually converts…
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Top End Schools from the Air

My first ever application to be submitted to the app store was an album of photographs I had taken of schools that I could fly over and photograph. Due to restricted access to controlled airspace around Darwin, I can only rarely enter to fly around Darwin and take photographs. No problem because we have many…
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SMOOTHIES and Learnshifting

SMOOTHIES stands for ShortMultimodalOnlineOpportunitiesToHelpInterestedEducatorsSucceed These Friday afternoon 15-minute informal online learning opportunities have been running since before the COVID pandemic and were the main reason I ended up running the upskilling training for teachers who potentially had to deliver classes online during the COVID dark days. To a large extent, the Northern Territory was spared…
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Reading Parents – count words read to your kids

Reading Parents – an idea for adapting reading progress to have parents track the number of words they read to their children at home in the same way they might count their steps when they go walking. I don’t work for Microsoft but Reading Progress is a great free tool for use in schools and…
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FAIR – Fun, Aspirational, Inspirational, Respect

When I was reflecting on words I know are crucial to determining purpose, direction and achievement for students, I settled on these four. The fact they formed the word “fair” which in turn is part of the phrase that Australia is famous for, namely giving people a “fair go” made me want to share these…
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Edutech 2022 Starts Tomorrow

Looking forward to Edutech starting tomorrow at the Convention Centre in Melbourne. Lots of great friends to catch up with like Dr Tim Kitchen from Adobe who took us on a tour of Adobe’s new Melbourne Office in South Melbourne. I was joined by Briony and D’lise – two great teachers from Northern Territory schools…
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Podcasting for Beginners

I wanted to share the process of creating a podcast. There is no point creating a podcast if it can’t be shared. Sharing is usually done through a podcast host platform. I happen to use Podbean. Buzzsprout and others are available as well. Most have a free and then paid version. Podcasts can be subscribed…
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Use MS Edge to create free QR codes

MS Edge has a cool free QR Code creator. But sometimes it is hidden in plain sight.

black wireless headphones on white table

Can’t hear the call in MS teams because you use headphones?

You’re trying to be considerate in the workplace and use headphones. The only problem is when somebody calls you using Microsoft teams you can’t hear the ring tone. Luckily there is an easy fix for that. In teams click on The … Or 3 dots to the left of your profile picture at the top…
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December in Melbourne through a GoPro Lens

Well, I have created my second web page of GoPro photos taken in and around Melbourne. We strayed as far as the Grampians during this month. I had never been to the Grampians before and thoroughly recommend it. Below this month’s (December 2021) Photogrid story with accompanying haiku poems is a dedicated photo story with…
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