Adobe Creative Challenges – Quick, Fun Learning

I have just completed the May challenge. Here was the challenge… Here was my effort… If you click the link below, it will take you to a remixable version of my effort. …and here is a video about the little add on to the original challenge. All of this software is free for our … Read more

The big image library cleanup

Your images are scattered everywhere on hard disks. This post, one of a few will share my experience with a personal digital library of hundreds of thousands of photographs and images. This library continues to grow as I add images from our travels, local flying around Darwin and also family. Many people would be in … Read more

Free tools to improve recorded audio

Noisy classroom, poor-quality laptop? Trying to get the students to create multimedia stories on their school laptops or iPads in the classroom or library? Been there and done that. Adobe podcast is an online solution you can use to not only record a podcast but also get your students (and you) to learn the best … Read more

Virtual Appointments App – Microsoft – Save Time with Parent Teacher Bookings and more…

It’s called virtual appointments and you can add that in as an app in to MS Teams… In our education context I am thinking Parent Teacher Interviews, booking support for PD, maintenance, coaching and even booking out equipment. The app enables a seamless end-to-end experience for business-to-customer engagements, integrating schedules, analytics, and management options, all … Read more

Comics in Education – discussion and how to

I like comics. From Tin Tin to the Phantom I only wish Shakespere, Hemingway and others offered accessible comics through publishers when I was studying along with some cynic character in the margin notes pointing out what I really should be paying attention to. Comics in Education: A Powerful Learning Tool Comics have long been … Read more

Using CoPilot (ChatGPT) in your Edge Browser

It’s time to open the pod bay doors HAL. 1968 was when that line from 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clark and Stanley Kubrick appeared, proving that the concern about AI interference has been around for a very long time. The other clear message is that denial is more than just a river … Read more