Where did that 12 years go?

Proud Parents

Joe, our son, who turned 18 in December – passing that notional numerical age signifying adulthood had to wait a day or so after his birthday to view another number of importance to some – his ATAR result.

Twelve – no actually 16 years of study culminated in this 4 digit number representing a comparitive ranking out of 100. Joe started 2 year kindy on the side of a West Papuan mountain when he was just… wait for it… Two!

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Mixing ATAR with life skills…

Joe is currently at the Millgrove outdoor centre with his class and is loving being a part of Melbourne High – With over a hundred years of history (The first continuation school in Australia and Victoria’s first state secondary school) – They are leaders in a number of areas…

Interesting example… There is talk among universities that the ATAR is diminishing in relevance and a coupling of a diploma from their graduating school (like US college diploma) carries as much university entrance weight as the ATAR. The Melbourne High Diploma is not awarded for simply completing 4 years of 9 -12, There are genuine achievement standards that must be met in order to be awarded this certificate.

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