Resumes and Portfolios in 2020

When I see something that doesn’t seem right and I can contribute, I will.

That is what happened the other day when I reviewed Joe’s resume. There wasn’t anything wrong with his resume, but when you are applying for a job, your resume should stand out and be truthful. His was certainly truthful, but we needed to ensure that he was writing for the audience (the employers reading the resume) and only about the match between relevant skills and job criteria…

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Where did that 12 years go?

Proud Parents

Joe, our son, who turned 18 in December – passing that notional numerical age signifying adulthood had to wait a day or so after his birthday to view another number of importance to some – his ATAR result.

Twelve – no actually 16 years of study culminated in this 4 digit number representing a comparitive ranking out of 100. Joe started 2 year kindy on the side of a West Papuan mountain when he was just… wait for it… Two!

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