SMOOTHIES 23i2 – Microsoft Education Adobe Podcast and Animate from Audio

In this week’s episode of Smoothies, I covered the new Podcast Tool from Adobe. It’s still in beta but it is fantastic. It allows you to record a podcast or an audio file in any environment. Through AI it cleans up any background noise and allows you to edit using text because it actually converts … Read more

Is story capture worth it?

It’s 10 o’clock at night and I want to write a post about creating multimedia stories. In the background my computer is copying a number of large video files from my GOPRO into a central location. Part of me has writer’s block and part of me simply wants to go to sleep. I’m sure a lot of teachers wanting to enthuse students into writing stories, creating multimedia essays encounter the same challenges with students who question why should they do it. Unless it’s a grade-based assignment it’s sometimes hard to convince someone that documenting, recording or capturing experiences and events… and transforming that into story shared with someone else is something worthwhile doing.

With the previous paragraph I’m already over my allowed tweet limit. So I know that with a meme like photograph and a hundred or two hundred characters I could put something out now and my work here would be done.

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Ahh Adobe, You’ve done it again…

Adobe Max concluded last week and along with it came a slew of product enhancements and excitement which we have all looked forward to each November.

What’s really great about Adobe is that they’re willing to show you research projects they are working on even if it is not 100% polished. But I have to say even the 100% not polished is pretty impressive. This is co-design at an international level. All videos and master class presentations are here


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