My Favourite Microphone

I love my Blue Yeti microphone and although these microphones are pretty easy to use, the other day I was watching a webinar and the guy was sitting on the edge of his desk looking like he was talking into a Yeti microphone.

I say “looking like” because he had the microphone around the wrong way and was pointing the tip to his mouth… Clearly he hadn’t read the manual.


What made it worse was that he is a professor of multimedia or something like that and folks would be looking at him and thinking… “He’s a professor so I must be using my microphone wrong” Which is exactly what I did and after re-reading the manual and checking on YouTube I confirmed that I was right…

So I thought seeing as we have recently awarded three of these microphones to our incredibly cool video competition winners in the Northern Territory – North, South and Remote. You can check out all the great entries here.

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