Microsoft just launched Visual Studio Code for Education!

A great and FREE new way to teach computing skills 🧑‍💻 There are new PD courses available and Visual Studio Code for EDU. It even has Immersive Reader built-in to make it more inclusive! Check it out! Blog: In today’s schools, we need to apply levels of security that would sometimes make it very … Read more

Microsoft Stream – A big improvement

Whenever you record a meeting in Microsoft teams it is actually being saved as a Microsoft stream video. With the recent release of the updated version of MS Stream you now have some powerful editing tools at your fingertips. This includes the ability to trim the ends of your video and cut out sections within … Read more

Free tools to improve recorded audio

Noisy classroom, poor-quality laptop? Trying to get the students to create multimedia stories on their school laptops or iPads in the classroom or library? Been there and done that. Adobe podcast is an online solution you can use to not only record a podcast but also get your students (and you) to learn the best … Read more

Virtual Appointments App – Microsoft – Save Time with Parent Teacher Bookings and more…

It’s called virtual appointments and you can add that in as an app in to MS Teams… In our education context I am thinking Parent Teacher Interviews, booking support for PD, maintenance, coaching and even booking out equipment. The app enables a seamless end-to-end experience for business-to-customer engagements, integrating schedules, analytics, and management options, all … Read more

Holidays = unsubscribe. But before I do…

During work time I don’t tend to unsubscribe. Like some digital hoarder, I hope that the sites I have subscribed to in the name of researching, testing or exploring educational sites or tools will deliver me a gem to share with others. Well, halfway through our Taiwan backpacking adventure I have a quiet morning to … Read more

SMOOTHIES 23i2 – Microsoft Education Adobe Podcast and Animate from Audio

In this week’s episode of Smoothies, I covered the new Podcast Tool from Adobe. It’s still in beta but it is fantastic. It allows you to record a podcast or an audio file in any environment. Through AI it cleans up any background noise and allows you to edit using text because it actually converts … Read more

I’ve Started a Free ICT Podcast for Teachers

This is a transcription of the podcast that appears below and the text has been included for the same reason I created an audio version – to try and reach you in the format that you like. Sadly even though it, like most things I do is “free” – to increase “headline readbility” in my blog, the use of that one “power word” gets me from a 51% to a 73% Headline rating… But that’s a story for another day.

  • Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love, is called passion.
  • Do what you love, love what you do.
  • If it is to be it is up to me. (Ten two-letter words)

This is not a podcast about leadership or well-being or anything like that. It is an acknowledgment that you’re listening to this probably outside of working hours because you’re interested in ICT matters and you are only doing it not because you have been told to, but because you want to… and so keying in on the words of passion, love and wanting to do something because it is up to you means you have landed here because you want to.

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