Microsoft just launched Visual Studio Code for Education!

A great and FREE new way to teach computing skills 🧑‍💻 There are new PD courses available and Visual Studio Code for EDU. It even has Immersive Reader built-in to make it more inclusive! Check it out!


In today’s schools, we need to apply levels of security that would sometimes make it very difficult for students to access learning solutions. This programming environment from Microsoft does not require any login which from a privacy point of view makes it easy for education jurisdictions to approve for use and not block. Because it’s based on real-world tools and programming languages the benefits are right there for students in K-12 through to university. You don’t have to be at school to use it. Interested in programming? Try it out.

A little bonus sidebar of free programming sites

Don’t forget there is a great free programming course on Khan Academy that covers HTML, CSS, SQL and Javascript. These next free offerings are safe, credible and fantastic – but do require a sign in. Microsoft MakeCode for micro:bit ( excellent site and I have used this for some great activities with inexpensive microbits. You may have heard of “The Hour of Code” Well – these are the guys… Learn today, build a brighter tomorrow. | – Of course there are more sites out there and feel free to pop them into the comments.

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