Holidays = unsubscribe. But before I do…

During work time I don’t tend to unsubscribe. Like some digital hoarder, I hope that the sites I have subscribed to in the name of researching, testing or exploring educational sites or tools will deliver me a gem to share with others.

Well, halfway through our Taiwan backpacking adventure I have a quiet morning to conduct that cleanup as I allow the body to rest from the hundreds of kilometres and 10 times our normal flights of stairs climbed during the last two weeks.

I am only listing five here, because, well – you are busy and I can already smell the exotic breakfasts being prepared at the open-air market next to our lodgings here in Tainan.

Before I do, though, I want to share the email links with you because the history, geography, fact sharer or just plain curious educator among you might find one or two that you might want to check out.

I will also include the couple that I don’t delete – and one of those sends me an email every day – and I love it.

The fact I am unsubscribing does not suggest that these sites have no value or send too many emails.

This is just a personal reset as I subscribe to many sites and receive their emails to carry out part of my role in the education department researching digital initiatives that help in the classroom. Check out these five that add value to classrooms, students and educators.

What’s on | State Library Victoria ( – this site contains events, online materials and is perfect for primary and secondary teachers looking for curated content to offer students for assignments.

Learn Computer Science – – Many of you will know this one – the hour of code etc – learn how to program with lots of fun programming activities. Great for teachers who don’t know how to program as all the material is there and free. This year’s hour of code contains a dance party with AI activity… now that is interesting and relevant in today’s AI-obsessed world.

Flip is a video discussion and sharing app, free from Microsoft. – Flip runs events with celebrities and also offers many lesson ideas. Flip is fun and free to use and available through a browser so no need for software installations that take time, effort and are sometimes blocked. Reuters is a news service that provides free news that you can sign up for. Naturally, it can be a depressing read, but if getting the news sent directly to you inbox for free helps keep you abreast of events at home or around the world, go to this dashboard to manage your newsletter settings.

Is Reuters reliable and unbiased? This is where checking out Newsguard helps provide you and your students (or your children or staff) with decision-making tools regarding news sources… Is it fake news? Microsoft helps students make informed search selections when researching material on the internet through Search Coach – free for schools anywhere. Check it out.

Finally, my pick for a stress free knowledge nugget to increase your knowledge on a daily basis. Ironically it is addressed to “Lifelong Learners” and if that is you, then check out “On this Day” by Britannica.

Encyclopedia Britannica | Britannica You can sign up here for “On this day” take or give quizzes for yourself or your students. This site is gold and is one I won’t be unsubscribing from anytime soon.

Merry Christmas and check them out if you too have some down time… now for some breakfast!

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