Getting those Apple fonts onto your windows PC

Sometimes I develop on a Macintosh computer. I might be using Adobe tools and when I use those tools I might select fonts which are available on the Macintosh computer. Then when I transfer that thing that I’m working on to a PC I can discover that the fonts I want are not available on the PC.

Although you can look for similar fonts to replace the ones that you used on the Macintosh, I’m going to share with you how you can download those Apple system fonts, unpack them and install them on your computer.

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Photo Rescue from old iPad

I have a first-generation iPad with over 3000 photographs stored on it. The iPad which is over 10 years old still works but is limited to iOS 5.5. Using traditional means such as iCloud or connecting via USB cable did not allow me to copy the files to another location.

Dot Point Version

  • Sign into iPad (there is a trick if you haven’t done it in a long time)
  • Download version of Photo Transfer App for that version of iPad
  • Install companion Photo Transfer App on PC or Mac (not on another i-Device)
  • Connect the two computers and apps using Wi-Fi (same network)
  • Start the transfer (I selected folders to keep the photos in groups)

This long post covers the blow by blow detail of my experience which may not be interesting if you are  desperately seeking to save your own photos (as I was).

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Back to building iOS apps – the good, the bad and the frustrating

About three years ago I tried my hand at not only building an iPhone app, but publishing it in the store. It was free and didn’t have any in-app purchases or advertisements. For the pleasure of building an app and publishing it, you need to pay Apple 150 Australian dollars per year and in my case pay for the application development tool. For essentially the hobbyist app developer, this is something that not only doesn’t generate revenue to cover the cost of the tools or subscription but can’t be deducted as  a business expense because, well, you aren’t doing business.

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