Backup and clean delete a disk drive

You or your mum might have an old computer that still works but neither of you have any use for. Unless the computer contains nuclear launch codes or bitcoin mining data, you may just want to delete all content from the hard disk to ensure any old documents or personal information don’t stay on the disc if you decide to sell or give it away.

Even if you were to take it to a recycling location you probably still want to clean the hard drive of any data. This doesn’t mean you need to take the drive out and smash it with a sledgehammer, but you do want to use a software erasure tool that will stop the majority of people being able to unerase the data that you have deleted from the hard drive.

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Shares, ETFs, Super and Crypto – a boomer’s perspective

I’m not a finance guy and I’ve made several money related mistakes. I am risk averse and approaching what could be referred to as a retirement age. I could stop working but enjoy the questions and challenges in my day job where folks are trying to get something done. I am more comfortable talking about real estate investment, but for a student just out of high school having parents in the middle income bracket – real estate investment generally comes a few steps after other options such as shares, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and superannuation are explored.

In this post, apart from waffling on about some of my investing thoughts – I want to include some links from practical people with much more experience than me which might save you time if you are starting out. These couple of links might also be worthwhile to share with your children, grandchildren or anyone in general.

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