Month: May 2023

Shifting the way our students learn and we teach

Top End Schools from the Air

My first ever application to be submitted to the app store was an album of photographs I had taken of schools that I could fly over and photograph. Due to restricted access to controlled airspace around Darwin, I can only rarely enter to fly around Darwin and take photographs. No problem because we have many…
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SMOOTHIES and Learnshifting

SMOOTHIES stands for Short Multimodal Online Opportunities To Help Interested Educators Succeed These Friday afternoon 15-minute informal online learning opportunities have been running since before the COVID pandemic and were the main reason I ended up running the upskilling training for teachers who potentially had to deliver classes online during the COVID dark days. To…
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Reading Parents – count words read to your kids

Reading Parents – an idea for adapting reading progress to have parents track the number of words they read to their children at home in the same way they might count their steps when they go walking. I don’t work for Microsoft but Reading Progress is a great free tool for use in schools and…
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