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Top End Schools from the Air

My first ever application to be submitted to the app store was an album of photographs I had taken of schools that I could fly over and photograph. Due to restricted access to controlled airspace around Darwin, I can only rarely enter to fly around Darwin and take photographs.

No problem because we have many schools outside of Darwin that I can fly to, or rather above and photograph. This short post simply contains a link to the pages over on my Pilotographer website where I share photos and videos of my adventures in the skies around Darwin.

Interestingly, the app was never accepted as it was deemed to be too much like a website album. After more than 10 years I am now sharing these photographs as I get time to post them. You can view the albums here and if your school isn’t featured, get in contact and if I can fly over, I will.

From a technical perspective, the photographs are captured a Nikon DSLR and transferred to Adobe Lightroom where they are bulk auto-adjusted before being added to a school collection and uploaded to WordPress using an album synchronisation tool. I have written a program in Livecode to organise my captures of videos, photos, raw images from the GoPro and Nikon into a centralised date named set of folders which makes it easier for lightroom to add to its database.

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