Victoria Harbour Walk – Adobe Spark Page, maps, public art, video and more

In essence this is a short WordPress post as the video story is contained within the embedded spark page link below. It was written to show off the amazing views and public art located on the U shaped walk around Victoria Harbour in Melbourne and to give a shout out to the restoration work being done on a wonderful old sailing ship, The Alma Doepel. Apart from links in the story, there is a video created using a GoPro on time-lapse including telemetry data such as a map showing where we were during the walk. Take yourself or your family on this walk which is much quieter than some of the public parks in Melbourne at the moment.

Victoria Harbour Melbourne

I have embedded the fast lap video below, but to reach the links to the pages containing information on the points of interest around the harbour, you will need to click on the spark page above.

It was created as a “Learning Walk” but also to show what you can create with some of the free Adobe tools available for our students in the Northern Territory, Victoria and many other Australian states.

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