Adobe Max – View all the workshops, keynotes and more online!

Shifting the way our students learn and we teach

Adobe Max – View all the workshops, keynotes and more online!

I would have loved to go to San Diego and be among the 10,000 creative people at the Adobe Max conference. What is sensational is that I could watch the keynote live (okay it was 3am in the morning for me) but laying in bed watching the keynote live and laughing through Jason Levine’s presentation, followed by Bart Simpson was a reasonable second.

Watching these sessions makes me a more knowledgeable person in regards to saying to people I meet in schools… “Do you know you can do this with…?” in respect to the products. I am by no means an expert, but when I see something that I think students will go “Wow” I try to remember and share it.

I have been watching the Max videos and really there are a bunch of masterclasses (plus showing off new features and new technologies) that you can just point people to… eg

I have been trying to work out how to move something up and down on the character animator timeline and one simple sentence in this movie (Ctrl-up arrow) removed a bunch of frustration when I couldn’t find it in help… and I got there by watching the presentation from Adobe Max about the new features in Character Animator.

Project Felix combines Photoshop with autocad and you don’t need to know either product… A bit like muse being an easy way for a non-programmer to get into web design, felix does the same for 3D…

There are great sessions from Max right here – scroll to the bottom of that page for the workshops that cover everything from products to careers.

I know that a lot of our teachers are far too busy to have time to work through what might and might not be useful in the classroom and hopefully jotting down a few notes sparks come interest to go and take a look.


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