Visible Thinking – Making Kids Think

Check out this great Adobe Express webpage on Visible Thinking curated by Molly Turner. Not being a formal teacher, some of this material was new to me and great to review which is why I am resharing it here.

One of the items was Project Zero – which sounded like something out of Dr. Who – but is actually from Harvard. This is a gold mine of techniques and methods to help you with visible learning methods in the classroom. PZ’s Thinking Routines Toolbox | Project Zero (

Adobe Express is creative and flexible enough to be used in classroom creative environments to make use of these tools to inspire and engage your students in a variety of design thinking processes.

If you haven’t, please check out this great resource from Dr. Tim Kitchen to get you started with the free Adobe Express – Get to know Adobe Express

There is a great section on the Adobe Education Exchange called “bts” which is short for “Back to School” – It contains lesson plans, remixable examples and is a real toolkit for you use in your class, office or home. Adobe Education Exchange

Want to be a part of these great weekly webinars from Adobe in an Australian time zone? Check out this program agenda and how to book for these webinars. Wednesday Webinars (

Odd One Out — Google Arts & Culture – Find the AI generated image

Finally during the webinar today on Visible Thinking, we were provided a remixable template created by Molly using Adobe Express webpage which I then search for template pages in Adobe Express and added them to the file and now I offer that up as a file you can use or remix. Visible Thinking Remixable Express File

What’s cool is that all these tools and links are free.

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