Dell backup and recovery – MIG files

This won’t mean much to someone unless they are trying to dig a file out of a MIG archive. I found a free tool that I used to open a mig archive and extract file that were backed up as part of a reimaging of my dell machine. The interface is like a powershell interface, but it certainly does the job.

The tool is actually from Microsoft, but for some reason it didn’t present itself from Microsoft. I got it from here Simon Jarvis – USMT MigRecover (

If you have a large archive, be patient. It takes time. I was looking for a specific file so used the following syntax

USMT4>MigRecover.exe /i:*.livecode Y:\Do_Not_Delete\USMT\migstore\files\USMT\USMT.MIG V:\

When you download and install the tool, you can use the command to see what the syntax is.

This post is mainly for me so apologies if you read it and are confused.

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