Duolingo Streaks and AI Masterclass

Truth be known I’m including these two videos because I’m afraid that I’ll forget the links. The first video provides a really easy to understand and fun to watch masterclass on what generative AI is all about. The second video is a TED talk by one of the founders of duolingo describing how their company made their education platform as addictive as the very social media apps they were competing against on the mobile devices that the app was distributed on. By taking a leaf out of, dare I say it, psychological manipulation playbooks purposely implemented in social media apps designed to keep people on the platform, they have made learning as addictive as social media. I do believe this is a strategy we should explore in and around our own classrooms.

After watching this I was thinking about the acronym which I use with any people FAIR, which stands for

Fun, Aspirational, Inspirational, Respect.

Interestingly I came up with the acronym before AI was such a popular acronym in its own right of recent times. Based on the first video I hope that we can create education strategies that are not only aspirational and inspirational but are informed by the use of AI. Academic and Interesting might be the two replacement words that I use in the acronym when describing how lessons or learning interactions should be constructed.

Let the AI we use be Aspirational and Inspirational – bookended by Fun and Respect.

Mark Christie

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