Loving PhotoShop Camera

You have to try out this cool free app from Adobe which works on iOS and Android.

Open the immersive web page embedded below to view some of the photos of places around the Kensington, Flemington, Footscray and Docklands areas of the inner north of Melbourne taken during recent lockdown walks around my house.

See what you can do with photos of your everyday surroundings.

PhotoShop Camera

I didn’t even know there was this cool slider widget in WordPress to do photo comparisons.

Yin and Yang? A single photograph with Photoshop Camera. Slide the bar from left to right to view the before and after image.

My workflow is simply to load the photoshop camera app as I take my walk and pick a lens – artistic, neon, futuristic or fantasy skies – there are so many to choose from and more are being added every week. One lens can have many looks which you can apply to your photographs and you can also import photographs from your camera roll and add lens effects from photoshop camera after the photograph is taken.

Sharing can be to any of your normal social media suspects and also to places like onedrive or in my case LightRoom – the Mobile version, not the classic version. Just on LightRoom, if you haven’t tried the inbuilt tutorials which cover how a particular photo was enhanced and usually takes less than 5 minutes, then check them out. It is especially good for the budding photographer.

Of course you can share a number of photographs as an album, either through LightRoom or by uploading to a photo publishing service like smugmug, but if you would like to create a story that lasts longer than a doom scrolling flash on someone’s ad filled feed – then you might want to curate words in with your video and pictures to create a picture story or multimedia portrait of the experience and discoveries.

On the specifics of PhotoShop Camera’s lenses – with some of the objects be they planets, icecreams or large chickens which are added as props to your photograph – you can in many cases use your fingers to pinch, spread or rotate the items so they fit just right in your shot as I did with the rainbow in the immersive web page sample above.

To find out more about this very cool app… go here https://www.adobe.com/au/products/photoshop-camera.html     

I couldn’t help it, I had to include another sample of image compare. This time it is the Women’s Peace Park in Kensington.

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