December in Melbourne through a GoPro Lens

Well, I have created my second web page of GoPro photos taken in and around Melbourne. We strayed as far as the Grampians during this month. I had never been to the Grampians before and thoroughly recommend it. Below this month’s (December 2021) Photogrid story with accompanying haiku poems is a dedicated photo story with some videos about the Christmas 2021 Grampians trip. Hope you enjoy this little look into our everyday life.

December in Melbourne

There were a number of highlights during December – One was being able to complete my biennial flight review in a flash “plastic fantastic” aircraft called a Topaz out at Riddell’s Creek with Rod Birrell, Chief Flying Instructor and long time friend. We flew around Hanging Rock, made famous by a novel written many years ago. We also flew up past Romsey a small town that is home to another famous writer, Scott Pape, known as the barefoot investor. New aircraft, unfamiliar surroundings was exactly the sort of push outside the comfort zone of drifter flying in the NT that I am used to.

Catching up with my brother Sean on a lightning visit to Melbourne from Sydney was great given the vagaries of covid restrictions. Melbourne put on cool spring-like weather for his trip which culminated in a family dinner with our extended Melbourne family.

The of course was our two day Christmas sojourn to the Grampians.

My web page

All of these albums I create with the free Adobe Express Creative Cloud which is great not only for schools, students and creativity – but for family-related stories and work-related journals, newsletters, reference documents and more.

Once I get January’s uploaded I will consider that a “streak” or run. Before the internet, a streak meant something completely different. I think this new version is far more preferable.

Stay well.

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